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how to watch big boss 11 episode 17

23/12/2018 · In the previous episode of Bigg Boss 11, Akash gets frustrated because of his nomination. Puneesha is also mad at Vikas as he is nominated. Akash calls Vikas a 'Kaamchor' and then teases him. ... More

how to send money abroad

Delux Money Transfer . The exclusive way to send money abroad is by making use of the transfer mediums that were created just for the sole purpose of transferring money abroad. ... More

how to visit yellowstone national park

Tour the lower loop of Yellowstone National Park with an expert guide on this all-day tour. Visit popular sites like Old Faithful, Grand Prismatic Spring, Lake Yellowstone, and more. ... More

how to stay sane in a sexless marriage

As months drift into years, you realize: You're in a sexless marriage. Most married couples don't really know what to expect of a long-term relationship, says Diane Solee, MSW, a former marriage ... More

how to use the putting arc

Creating and Sharing GIS Content Using ArcGIS Online This course shows how to publish data and map layers to ArcGIS Online as services. Learn to build a web map and turn it into a web app. ... More

how to solve cross math puzzles

The method of doing the same thing to both sides may still be used to solve problems that are difficult to represent with balance puzzles. Problem C8 Solve the equation in … ... More

how to use ro water in cichlid aquarium

First of all, once you have decided to use RO water, you should make it a point to constantly use it every time you top up or change the water as your pet fish will have already adjusted to the water condition. ... More

how to use city color contour palette

City Color Contour & Corrector Cream Palette – Corrector/Contour/Bronze/Highlight ... More

how to use allof your computer ram

Occasionally, one program uses up all of your computer's processing resources. Using Task Manager, it's easy to figure out which program that is. Using Task … ... More

how to use firebird emulator

Alternatively, you can either use the Ostrich 2.0 emulator or the emulation facilities of the APU1 to make changes while the vehicle is running. Logging from the computer is accomplished using either an ALDU1 or the logging facilities of an APU1. ... More

how to use glass dabber pipe

Although quartz and ceramic nails can be cheaper than titanium nails, they are still durable and convenient for any level dabber. These options are simple to use. All you need is a water pipe, nail, carb cap, and torch. Torch the nail before adding your concentrates then add your wax or oil to the top of it. Although there are domeless nails, it is smart to ... More

how to turn off your pop up blocker on firefox

There may be situations where you need to clear the pop up blockers in your browsers to use specific services such as the secure browser for student testing, or when using Synergy (Firefox is the recommended browser for Synergy). ... More

how to win an olympic gold medal

The greatest! Michael Phelps gives Boomer a kiss and adds two more Olympic gold medals to his monster haul after leading Team USA to relay victory AND defeating arch nemesis Chad Le Clos ... More

gemini cs 220 pro how to use

Also See for Nespresso Gemini CS 220 PRO. NESPRESSO GEMINI CS 200 PRO - SECURITE Manual 36 pages. NESPRESSO GEMINI CS 220 PRO Manual 24 pages. NESPRESSO GEMINI CS 200 PRO - DETARTRAGE Instructions Manual 8 pages. Related Manuals for Nespresso Gemini CS 220 PRO. Coffee Maker Nespresso Gemini CS200 Pro 705 User Manual (24 pages) Coffee Maker Nespresso CS 100 PRO ... More

how to train my labrador retriever

Start training your Lab when they are young. Its important to train your Labrador Retriever when theyre still young. If wait too long, you run the risk of your ... More

how to search who sentence gmail

One of the useful features of Gmail is the ability to search through all your messages for mail that contains specific keywords. Gmail has a powerful filter that allows you to specify criteria ... More

how to write on letter australia Australia Post – Personal Letter Writing (Foundation – Year Two) Lesson overview . Writing a personal letter is a fun and engaging way to develop students’ writing skills. ... More

how to teach a dog to lay down youtube

14/04/2013 Lauren was having a difficult time training her small foster dog Yoda to lay down. Traditional food luring and leash pressure techniques were not working, so I showed her a simple trick that ... More

how to use a franking machine

A franking machine is an excellent investment for businesses of all sizes who send out regular amounts of mail. Whether you’re a small company or a huge corporation you stand to save money on each item you send and, as you can imagine, that adds up fast! ... More

how to watch pyeongchang olympics opening ceremony sydney

Olympic events are already underway in PyeongChang, but things don’t really get going until the Opening Ceremony. The elaborate spectacle has been in the works for years, and it’s finally going to place Friday night in Korea (that’s early Friday morning in Canada). ... More

how to reset forgotten mtn share and sell pin

VTU, is an acronym for Virtual Top Up is not a new service to Nigerians, it is an airtime recharge mechanism that allows a VTU vendor (VTU seller) top up a subscribers account without the use of USSD code(e.g *556#, *888#) nor the 12 digits recharge pin. ... More

how to win a street fight quickly

or get beaten to the ER for looking sexy ... More

re6 how to use first aid spray pc

Resident Evil 6 for PC cheats - Cheating Dome has all the latest cheat codes, unlocks, hints and game secrets you need. ... More

how to set netgear wifi extender

netgear extender login netgear installation assistant Setup Netgear Wn2500rpv2 Wi-Fi Range Extender www mywifiext net setup Post navigation Strong Wi-Fi Range Extender 1600: Cover All Your House With This Extender ... More

how to train a monkey not to bite

Directions to Monkey World from places in Purbeck using Bus or Train Click to get updated timetables, live arrivals and step-by-step directions. ... More

how to stop messages popping us on iphone

With the stock text message app, for instance, one can get popup notifications that display a preview of the incoming message both on the Notification bar, from the top of the screen, and on the Lock Screen. ... More

how to turn off laptop fan dell

Re: really loud fans, any chance to turn them off, could that damage laptop? Ok so try running a CPU stress test using the Support Assist tool to check how high the CPU temperature goes. Open Dell … ... More

how to stay cool with hot flashes

Welcome to the hot flash sisterhood! Most women (about 80%) experience hot flashes and night sweats to some degree, and for some of us they become bad enough to negatively impact our lives. ... More

how to use canon ls-82z

Take a more detailed look into the Canon AS-8 Handheld calculator with arc design Take Canon’s 8-digit AS-8 handheld calculator with you wherever you go and you’re ready to … ... More

how to set values in properties file

17/08/2013 · Spring: injecting properties file values into Spring managed beans In this post, we'll go through 3 different ways to configure (XML based) a Spring application, to inject properties file values into its managed beans. ... More

how to take print screen in windows 10

One of the more useful Surface Pen functions is its ability to take screen captures and save them to the default OneNote app, which can be the Windows 10 version of OneNote, or OneNote for the ... More

how to see fb posts without being friends

First I'd like to say send a friend request. This particular approach is used by If you want to see Someone's Facebook Profile Without Being Friends and they promise success in 80 % of cases. Reply. akshay chaudhary . February 7, 2016 at 3:29 pm . Easily Facebook Hack (Whatsapp Contact +91-8285836332. Skype Id-sameermalhotra.8010? Reply. B. December 5, 2015 at 4:56 am . but i can ... More

how to tell if its real gold flakes

3/09/2008 · Andrew, those look like pyrite- there are several that appear to be cubic, which is the preferred crystal habit for pyrite. Because carbon acts as a reductant in organic rich rocks (coal, oilshales, graphitic shales, etc), sulfur and iron are commonly precipitated as pyrite. ... More

how to mak channel 4 think im in the uk

Usurpingly, the visitors are huge favourites for this one, and are priced at just 1/4 with bet365 . A massive cup upset can be backed at 15/1, while an unlikely draw is 5/1. ... More

how to use vivid print services

You can use this functionality to create, update, and delete cloud services, deployments, data management services, and virtual machines. This functionality can be useful in building applications that need programmatic access to service management. ... More

how to use green screen in wondershare

26/11/2014 This is the video tutorial about how to make a green screen with Wondershare Video Editor (Windows V4.8), which is one of advanced editing tools for this ... More

how to turn off camera sound on samsung note 4

19/07/2014 · For those that do not have the listed option in the camera menu to turn the shutter sound on and off, the ability is still in the Note 3. Back out and toggle your volume switch all the way up and/or down and it will enable or disable the sound. I am a photographer and love to hear the shutter sound. Accidentally turned it off (bought the phone last night.!) and had to find a way to get it back ... More

diy how to train your dragon party

These masks will be as much fun to wear as they were to make. Masks are fun for all ages. They are perfect for dress-up/playtime for the little ones to complete their costume or o ... More

how to turn on a electric stove

If a situation arises and the stove needs to be immediately shut off the user can step to the side and push the button safety without having to reach over the cooking elements to turn off the knob. If the iGuardStove is connected to the Internet a text alert will be sent out to those people on the Contact List chosen to receive such alerts. ... More

how to use prosaic in a sentence

When I use the word prosaic, I am not using it to mean dull and boring, but to mean ordinary, everyday, usual, familiar, regular, customary, typical, bread-and-butter – stuff that isn’t ‘sexy’ or glamorous or flashy, but that forms the bedrock of what we do in schools. Some of this is the stuff that forms the foundation upon which more interesting stuff depends. Learning to read, to ... More

how to watch fa cup final

Eden Hazard penalty settles FA Cup final as Chelsea edge past Man Utd Save Chelsea “I’m quite curious today, tomorrow, the next couple of days to read, to watch, to listen to your opinions ... More

how to write a physics report templatre

21/08/2018 Physics Lab Report Template An estimate sent a week later seems lazy, and provides the customer reason to shop about for a better deal. The estimate suggests the phases of product building and the time required for their implementation. ... More

how to conduct a work safety assessment

What it contains. Prescribed mines must have a safety management system (SMS) to ensure they operate safely. A safety assessment forms part of the SMS for all identified major mining hazards. ... More

how to sell advertising space in a magazine

Helping the numbers add up for your project . When you’re planning your new magazine project and you have decided from the start that you want to sell advertising space, we need to help you design and produce a product that meets those specific needs. ... More

how to write research plan for phd

Demonstrate that you are competent to conduct the research and have chosen the best research or scholarly environment in which to achieve your goals. 8. Clearly indicate how your research or scholarship will make a contribution to knowledge or address an important question in your field. ... More

how to start geraniums from cuttings in water

While geraniums will root in water under the right conditions, many growers prefer to root cuttings in a sterile soil mix. Sterile rooting mixes are made from peat, sand, perlite or a combination ... More

how to use 5c collet chuck

These chucks are used on a tilting rotary table which makes it difficult to remove the air feed when changing from air chuck to collet chuck. The adapter (center) has air ported through it, and the chucks have matching air ports. When changing over, there is no “air tube” to unscrew- … ... More

how to write echo statement in php

By Steve Suehring, Janet Valade . You can display the value in a PHP variable on a web page by using any of the following statements: echo, print, print_r, or var_dump. ... More

how to use a megohm tester

This high-voltage insulation tester can measure resistances from 1-2200 Megohm. It is battery powered and displays the readout on a 10-step LED bargraph display. by John Clarke ... More

how to set timing on crf250r

5/12/2012 · You need the tensioner in place when turning the engine over and to make sure the timing marks line up. Remember that when the intake valves close you are then on the compression section of the stroke and it will be harder to turn over. ... More

how to watch bravo without cable

Today, you’re going to quickly learn how to watch HGTV without cable using a Roku and other popular streaming devices. The cheapest way to watch HGTV live is with Philo , a new streaming service that costs only $16 per month for 44 channels. ... More

how to add search terms in magento

The aim of the video is to alter the database table with a new column and to add additional data to the database with help of Magento upgrade scripts. Database Upgrade Scripts ... More

pokemon silver how to use expn card

24/03/2016 · Through Rock Tunnel we hit Lavender Town, get an EXPN Card, and wake Snorlax! This is a ROM hack created by Drayano to make Soul Silver/Heart Gold a more difficult challenge while incorporating ... More

how to see when something is pressed unity

1/08/2018 · Unity ID. A Unity ID allows you to buy and/or subscribe to Unity products and services, shop in the Asset Store and participate in the Unity community. ... More

how to use a boat anchor

To Magazine Home Page. Small Boat Anchoring. By Tim Murphy. Five steps to simple, reliable anchor sets on small boats. Many boaters — whether fishing, swimming, or socializing aboard — spend their best hours anchored rather than underway. ... More

how to solve a 3 by 3 rubik& 39

3/11/2011 · Follow these steps and solve your rubix cube. My best time was below 2 minutes after getting this algorithm. If you have learnt to solve 3*3, it is very easy to solve a 4*4. Here is a link to solve a 4*4 Revenge cube - Solving a Rubik's Revenge Cube Really… ... More

how to use your brake with clutch

Learning how to engine brake downhill significantly reduces brake fade and will increase the lifespan of your brake pads and discs. Traveling downhill in 2nd or 3rd gear will use engine brake to keep your cars speed reduced. The steeper the hill, the lower the gear. Automatic cars are no exception. Select ‘2’ or ‘1’ for steeper hills on the lever. This will have the same effect as 2nd ... More

how to see my bra size

"The right bra can change the way you feel about everything. Find the right style and fit in just a few minutes with my exclusive Bra Fit Quiz." ... More

how to see the grand canyon

The Sunset Tour is equally spectacular. The waning light creates a riot of colors over the canyon. Of the record 5 million visitors who landed at the Grand Canyon’s South Rim in 2015, only an estimated 10 percent set foot into the canyon. ... More

how to set up phantom bot

30/09/2012 · I'm trying to set up an unbalanced bot game in order to create a solo top or solo bottom scenario. I've tried 4v5. If I go top or bottom, I get joined by a Bot making a Bot solo a lane 2v1. ... More

how to teach english overseas without a degree

Cut your teeth at home – Try not to jump into teaching English abroad without first getting at least a semester under your belt in the United States or your home country. You need to have the proper experience and mastery of the techniques needed in order to make it easier teaching English abroad. At the very least, obtain a ... More

how to turn maximised contrast into orthogonal contrast

The relatively larger gap between the edges of the serving size and the bowl—associated with diameter ratios smaller than 0.5—leads consumer A to encode and contrast the circle information of the serving size and the bowl when envisioning the target serving size into the large bowl (Nicolas 1995). ... More

how to stop yourself from eating junk

So instead of resolving to “stop eating junk” you have to “choose healthy snacks” instead. This isn’t just a question of semantics: it’s a powerful, and often overlooked, difference. This isn’t just a question of semantics: it’s a powerful, and often overlooked, difference. ... More

how to stop squeeking washing machine

How to stop an older top load washing machine from shaking? [ 1 Answers ] Maytag model # A613 washing machine shakes and sometimes walks. I have changed the 2 belts and leveled the machine. ... More

how to use elderberry concentrate

Great recipe and standard for elderberry syrup. You do NOT want to cut down on the honey. It is not just used to sweeten the syrup. Raw honey is a powerhouse, having anti-viral, anti-fungal a... You do NOT want to cut down on the honey. ... More

how to train your dragon film study

Select a Film: _____ Name of Favourite Character: _____ Kung Fu Panda, BW Line Art How to Train Your Dragon, BW Line Art . FREE FOR EDUCATIONAL USE - DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition - Education Resource Worksheets Page 7 WORKSHEET 5 Character Development Select a Film: _____ Name of Character: _____ What do you know about this character at the beginning of the film ... More

how to take a screenshot on iphone

Taking a screenshot is as easy as ABC, but not with a broken or damaged Home button. There are number of users who use their iPhones without much care, and consequently, hardware of iPhone ... More

how to set homescreen s3

Press the Set button when you're happy with the positioning. Step Seven Press to choose whether you'd like the image set as the wallpaper for your homescreen, lockscreen, or both. ... More

how to train an aggressive dog

Aggressive about food Train at the Dog Psychology Centers! You are here. Home / How to socialize an adult dog. How to socialize an adult dog. By Josh Weiss-Roessler. Most dog owners know that the best time to socialize their pup is when they are, in fact, a puppy. Dogs are at their most sensitive — and receptive — between three and twelve weeks of age, so the earlier that you can get ... More

how to stop clenching your teeth

Age adults and teenagers Length: 35 mins MP3 Format only Relax your facial muscles, jaw and mouth Learn a trigger to release stress and tension Become more aware of clenching while awake and consciously relax your jaw as you notice it Relax your jaw unconsciously while asleep; Manage stress more effectively Regular listening is the key to ... More

how to write a modern resume

Before dusting off your old resume (if you have one), merely updating it with your latest contributions and career history, and expecting that, when you put it out there they will come, you need to get a handle on today’s modern resume and what part it plays in the new world of executive job search. ... More

how to use playto for chromecast

Here you can find everything there is to know about PlayTo Chromecast and millions of other apps. Sign up for free and learn more about the apps you care about, competitor insights and what’s happening in … ... More

how to tell if someone is depressed by their eyes

10/07/2018 · Someone told me I look depressed. And I am and have been for a long time but I always thought I was alone and nobody knew. ... More

how to set casio g shock watch to military time

casio g-shock wave ceptor/solar i cant seem to turn off the back light and it takes forever for it to recharge most of the time i am looking at a blank screen. MIGHT AS WELL HAVE NO WATCH ... More

how to win at boggle

Online fast-paced word games, often a Boggle derivative, require studying word lists to be competitive. So, I wondered, what would be the most useful words to study? Hence I got the idea of writing a program to solve boggle boards, keeping track of the most frequent words. The results are on this page. ... More

how to use points at mobiile citi

A couple of nice price drops by Mobileciti. Australian stock with manufacturers warranty, GST invoice and TRS eligible. Goods will be dispatched the same or next business day. ... More

how to set a chiming clock

Clock Repair. Have clock problems? Ask a clock Expert and get answers ASAP. Connect one-on-one with {0} who will answer your question ... More

how to use inline air tool oiler

1/4" BSP MINI In-Line Oiler Lubricator for Pneumatic Tool & Air Compressor Pipes - $2.85. 1/4" BSP Mini In-Line Oiler Lubricator for Pneumatic Tool & Air Compressor PipesYellow copper automatic lubricator, mainly connected to the air inlet interfacein the pneumatic tools. 1/4 thread interface pneumatic automatic oiling deviceSpecifications ... More

how to say can you see anything in korean

You can hear this when you say a word out loud. For example, the word introduce is pronounced with a stress at the end, so it sounds like this: in-tro-DUCE. For example, the word introduce is pronounced with a stress at the end, so it sounds like this: in-tro-DUCE. ... More

how to show hidden things on timeline

Next, tap the menu button on your phone to show the timelines hidden menu, and choose Settings. This section can also be accessed by going to More -> Settings -> Timeline and Home . 3. ... More

how to get focused at work

Modern life is full of distractions. Our lives are constantly being interrupted by notifications, computer screens and social networks, and it is easy to whittle away the hours procrastinating. ... More

how to use food dehydrator for jerky

See how to make jerky in a dehydrator. Here’s what you need to do: To prepare your oven, take out the oven racks and line the bottom with aluminium foil (to catch drips and making cleaning up as easy as possible). ... More

how to use imessage on macbook

how to use iMessage. With the release of iOS 10, Apple completely revamped its iMessage platform, transforming it from a simple SMS replacement to a feature-packed messaging experience. ... More

how to use paytm voucher

As paytm use is increasing day by day and lot of people uses paytm. Paytm getting lot of customers daily and processing lot requests daily. So people can earn free paytm ... More

how to use magic wand in photoshop cs6

To "Fill" a selection with the background color in Photoshop, use the shortcut cmd + delete (mac) ctrl + delete (win). This works on all layers in all versions of Photoshop. This works on all layers in all versions of Photoshop. ... More

how to stop getting sweaty hands while gaming

Many people get sweaty hands when their bodies are overheated, so cooling hands can be a quick and effective remedy for getting rid of sweaty hands. For cooling off hands you can hold the hands in front of the fan or an air conditioner to dry up the moisture and slow down the production of sweat. ... More

how to use a coverstitch machine

Since I technically already have a machine that will coverstitch (though I refuse to switch from serging to coverstitching every time I want to make something), I didnt want to spend too much money. ... More

how to get vshare to work on ios 8

Download and install TVTap App on iOS iPhone/iPad using vShare Step 1: Initially, one has to download the vShare app on your iOS device. Step 2 : Once the download process completed, you can install the app by clicking on Install or simply hit on “Get” button. ... More

how to speak ethiopian language

Geʿez language, also spelled Geez, liturgical language of the Ethiopian church. Geʿez is a Semitic language of the Southern Peripheral group, to which also belong the South Arabic dialects and Amharic, one of the principal languages of Ethiopia. ... More

how to pay someone to write your resume

10/01/2019 · Pay someone to Make Resume New Pay someone to Write My Resume Unique hire someone to make my resume 11 Clarifications On Hire Someone To Make My Resume Hire Someone To Make My Resume By Cathilin Alike Nalani Posted on January 10, 2019 October 27, 2018 ... More

how to turn off the ribbons on laptops

This week Id like to show you how to make a ribbon lei with 3 colors. You can make a one-strand 3 color ribbon lei for $1.50 about and in about 30 minutes. You can make a one-strand 3 color ribbon lei for $1.50 about and in about 30 minutes. ... More

how to solve fraction exponents

Simplifying Radicals Fractional Exponents Roots. Rr 11 Solving Radical Equations And With Rational. Simplifying Radicals Fractional Exponents Roots. Rational Exponents And Radicals. Rational Exponents 4 Students Are Asked To Rewrite Expressions. Quiz Worksheet Adding Subtracting Rational Exponents Study Com. Rr 8 Simplifying Rational Exponents Mathops . Solving An Equation … ... More

how to start a football team

In an official football game certified by Fifa, 22 players start the game (11 per team). Each team can sub a maximum of 3 players during the course of the game. Each team can sub a maximum of 3 players during the course of the game. ... More

how to search google in a year

Search engines or portals have been around since the early days of the internet. But it was Google, a relative latecomer, that would go on to become the premier destination for finding just about anything on the World Wide Web. ... More

how to stop blue steel pans rusting

20/02/2010 · Mild Steel rusts like a bugger, with heat and moisture the process of rusting is acclerated as these act as a catalyst. Thus your shiny new wok from the shop turns into a bucket of rust before your eyes. Also as a side Stainless steel oddly enough things stick to stainless steel easier than mild steel thus needing more oil, more oil = more fat and more costs. ... More

how to use e liquid

E-liquid, e-juice, or vape juice is the flavored liquid put in to the vaporizer's tank that gets heated and inhaled. E-liquid comes in a wide variety of flavors to match every taste, from a traditional tobacco to sweet desserts and custom blended flavors. The e-liquid is also what can contain nicotine, and most vape juice is available with a range of nicotine levels to allow people switching ... More

how to set up guided reading groups for year 2

My school has a pretty large bookroom with LOTS of leveled books that I use for Guided Reading. Also, our basal series (Scott Foresman Series) comes with two boxes of guided reading sets. They are ok, but a little dry. If your school does not provide the small, leveled books for guided reading there are other places to get materials. ... More

how to stop crunchyrolls adds

12/04/2015 · so I still have long video ads in crunchyroll. and I would like to disable them. how might I go about doing that? ... More

how to write a counselling resume

How do I write a summary statement for a librarian resume? Many of our librarian resume samples open with a professional summary section or a summary statement that gives recruiters a tantalizing snapshot of your most compelling experience and qualifications. ... More

how to use style snaps

Step 6 :- Select your preferred font style from the various options shown to you. After choosing your font style, type whatever you want to on the snap. ... More

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how to set up a dragonhawk tattoo gun

Dragonhawk Lcd Dual Tattoo Machine Gun Power Supply. As its name implies, the Dragonhawk LCD Dual Tattoo Machine Gun Power Supply allows you to use one power supply to manage two of your tattoo guns. While it doesnt power two guns at once, it allows you to quickly and efficiently switch between your shader and your liner as you work. During extended tattoo sessions, this versatility is an

how to use argan oil for acne

15/10/2017 · Using argan oil for acne has its benefits in the following ways: - It is 100% natural product. - It regulates the sebum production, which reduces acne breakouts.

how to use shimano tiagra shifters

Two things not mentioned about Bar End Shifters, the newer Shimano units use an allen setting to tighten into the bar. When it comes loose it can get knocked out of the bar easily and these new units Pop apart from the assembly pressure. Small parts lost in the garage, or into the grass on side of road. Also, bar-ends get bumped out of place leaning the loaded bike against walls, posts

how to turn on flash on mac chrome

Uncheck Use hardware acceleration when available and restart Google Chrome. If you are unable to play videos, you will need to disable hardware acceleration in your browser. For Chrome simple steps above will solve your problem.

how to take good close up pictures

However, wide-angle lenses used close-up will distort facial features and creative unflattering pictures. A better choice for portraits is either a standard lens or a short telephoto lens .

how to use teflon sheet for heat press

16 X 20 Teflon Sheet For Heat Press How To Shed The Belly Fat 12 X 20 Party Tents Best Buy Garden Sheds boatshed for fish finder depth finder Now it isn't within the scope of this article to are able to detail everything of a construction perform.

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